Drive, Girl. Drive.

Isn't it beautiful? True story: not long ago, Halloween 2011, a couple of adorable coworkers decided to dress up as me. It was the biggest surprise of my life to realize that I had a Wednesday Adams complex: I loved to dress in all black. Since that day I decided that, ok, girl, we have to give colors a chance. And so come beautiful things like this combination inspired by the movie I can't stop talking about: Drive.

I'm convinced that if Ryan Gosling was a woman this is what he'd be wearing in the movie. I know, epic. Borderline cheesy, but playful, tightly edited, and tailored.

The track pants are perhaps my favorite piece. They're these silky, slouchy pretty things by Elizabeth and James, whom I must say is on a god damn roll with their clothing line. The sheer paneled pink confection of a shirt is also by Elizabeth and James. I would wear it under a tribal inspired bomber by Tory Burch. While we're in this happy mood let's keep it up with goldenrod Christian Louboutin pumps. Golden + rod. Two great words that equate to magnificent things. In lieu of more things to scream for people's attention let's keep it simple with a great patterned Pierre Hardy cosmetic case. Remember you can get away with this type of thing because you're a bad ass driver.

Now there you have it, female Ryan Gosling from Drive. Go beat someone's face in with your Louboutin and go threaten people with hammers. Just don't get your bomber dirty.

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