Leighton Meester Does Not Deserve All The Shit Talk About Her Adorable Outfit At The MET Gala

Leighton Meester in Louis Vuitton Fall 2009 Ready to Wear.
This collection was opulent, and this girl got boat loads of shit for looking like a jester.

I think they can just shut the hell up because Meester pushed the envelope on a night where fashion is supposed to be showcased.

I mean, what other occasion could you get away with wearing an outfit like this and not be called fashion forward.

I loved this look. She looked like a doll, and played up that role.

You can see it in here vampy, cheeky face. She knows she's cute.
She's saying, "Suck it, critics, I look fantastic."

Wearing head to toe Luis Vuitton might have made co-chair Marc Jacobs second guess his lame flashy gold "dress" and matching turban he put on poor Kate Moss (also co-chair, you know, since it is themed "Model As Muse" and she is Kate Freaking Moss). PS for Kate: she needs to stop smoking STAT. She's looking rough.

Photo from JustJared.

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