Dear Ann Demeulemeester,

 This year has been a spoiled year for me, but I want to say I'm sorry.

(I realize this is a terrible to way to begin an apology, but bear with me.)

 I moved into my very own house at the beginning of the year, a house I worked hard for —even after placing the offer! It was a wonderful and happy time, and I was never more happy than then to liquidate my hard-earned savings to pay for glamorous things like "a sump pump system" or a "new roof to prevent future water damage." I even got a new job around that time, which I currently love despite the sometimes grueling hours advertising demands. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world, having been ├╝ber-blessed to own a house, have a great job, and a handsome man who loves me at home. 

(Apology status: I'm getting there, I promise!)

After a couple months of working hard and saving money, paying mortgages and such, I treated myself to Pair #1 on my Dream Shoe list: the Balenciaga cut out boot. Ooh, boy, I love those shoes. The best part about them is that the are mine and I worked hard to save my $200 a month until reaching the Everest-like peak of (gulp) $1,200. But, I did it. And felt like I could want nothing more until I recently acquired Pair #2 on my Dream Shoe list in the very same year: The Valentino Rockstud in black on black — a serendipitous story, actually, where I found them on sort-of-sale, not fitting my foot, then finding them again, on half-off (!!) sale, and this time fitting perfectly. 

(Side note, Ann: Yes, I know, it's pretty trite as a blogger to love these two shoes, but I'm not a special snowflake. I am Jack's medulla oblongata, and I am a consumer just like you, so please don't judge me. Leave that to the discerning readers of GOMI to do). 

So cut to yesterday when I'm out having a nice day of after Christmas sales shopping with my mom and I come across these shoes at a store. My inner monologue said, "OMG, those are like, exactly the same as those Ann Demeulemeester pair I love." I approached the shoes, asked for them in my size. Tried those on. Shook my head, sized them up and tried those on. They were beautiful, Ann. They look just like yours. But, like, 1000% less. So this is where I tell you the bad news: despite knowing better, I decided to get them, realizing in full that they will never have your name stamped on them! I can live with it though, especially because these days I have to deal with a little something called a "Supplemental Tax Bill" which is "due in full" in "30 days." 

So I'm sorry, Ann. I really am. If you want to write me, you can email me whenever, girl.


Shoes by the ultimate wig snatcher, Jeffrey Campbell. 
But here are the originals, if you can bear the price.

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  1. Hilarious. And definitely a decision with which we are all familiar. Happy New Year to you, Olga!