Play Nice

 So you've managed to justify the price of something like Balenciaga boots. Now what? Well, part of the deal that you have made for yourself is that you would wear them with everything, and treat them very well, even if that means wearing flats for your short commute to work and then swapping those Zara flats for the big boy Balenciagas once you enter the plushy carpet of your office.

The non-initiated will scoff at the thought of women using dust bags that come with pricey items to shield pretty designer things from the harsh fabrics of the mortal world -- clearly using the dust bags as travel sacks instead of their intended purpose of protecting said designer objects from the dust in your closet. But this is a true fact of working women everywhere: There's no secret to wearing fancy shoes to work, it just takes a little more planning and an extra bag.

Even then, after solving the commute issue, one of the trickiest things when it comes to buying very expensive "nice" things is that they have to be versatile and literally go with everything. My designer things must earn their keep by playing nice with other pieces in my closet. For example, my new favorite Kerrie Yeung cross earrings must play nice with an amazing Fashionology shark tooth necklace. And the Balenciaga boots with their harsh tom-boy attitude manage to compliment the attention-grabbing shine of the Iosseliani bracelet. Thems the rules, and they are easy when you stick to a plan.

KERRIE YEUNG rings, earrings, and bracelets (c/o Kerrie Yeung)  /  IOSSELIANI  bracelet (c/o 30 Ponte V) /  MIU MIU  sunglasses  / BALENCIAGA  boots

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