Nike / Stepping Stone

I am going back to old habits. We're talking high school, street wear habits. While I spent the better part of the last decade eschewing all identifiable brands on my clothes for a more minimal look, I somehow felt compelled to purchase this glorification to Nike and the almighty Swoosh. I don't know what happened, but I still love this hoodie. It has a mock-neck type zip and it's form-fitting, so it's a little bit dressier than the regular variety of hoodie. I call this a fluke, an extreme outlier in the chart of my clothing. / Berkeley has some beautiful hidden gems sometimes. Parks and hiking activities are tucked around ever corner, and this one is by far one of my favorites. Mostly because I get to call things enormous, which is one of my favorite words. Just sound it out, enormous, it's beautiful. I hope you enjoy this new format of showcasing the Best Of my frenetic Instagram feed. You can join me for real time goodness, or just wait for me to catch up and post it here. It's your life.

Hoodie by NIKE. Comes in GREY.

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  1. exploring in berkeley and finding all sorts of magical hidden places are what some of my favorite college memories are made of. love seeing you post all your berkeley/east bay adventures on instagram (mine is @__drea). cheers!