alt-j: Box Car Children

Remember those books? The Boxcar Children was still a part of my childhood curriculum down in Los Angeles and to this day the memories of reading these books are one pocketed away, deep in my brain, only to ressurge when in picturesque little towns. They stand out to me because they were the first books I read as an English speaker, having been thrown into Kindergarten at the ripe age of four knowing only how to cry for my mama in Spanish. Little towns in Northern California always bring out the deepest memories from me. There are not many buildings, no nothing for as far as the eye can see in some fields, and I've grown to love places like these over the years. They remind me of home, where nothing fancy is ever required, but the effort of getting dressed up is always appreciated.

1. KAREN WALKER sunglasses 2. ISABEL MARANT belt 3. STITCH & HAMMER clutch 

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