"I certainly haven't been shopping for any new shoes"

I think what I like most about these Zara loafers is that they make traditionally girly outfits a little bit more institutionalized. Lanvin showed me how to wear them for night time for seasons now, and I am hooked, people. I personally like the feeling of being unexpected. Like, of course this Dion Lee skirt, with it's intricate tidal wave detail will be paired with an even finer heel to elongate thy ladies' legs. Sure, a strappy little thing like the Saint Laurent shoes everyone is going nuts over may work just beautifully, but you know what? The flats make it seem a little bit like something out of the 50's. And I like that. Simpler times. Unexpected nostalgia. A tough girl attitude infused automatically into another wise shiny, Valentino-studded, any time outfit.

Here. this is what this outfit sounds like to me:

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