Street Snapped by Refinery29 During My Lunch Hour

Now, you're wholly within your right to not accept that this appropriate work attire, but I work in a creative field so I consider myself lucky to be able to bend,warp and ultimately experiment with what is "appropriate work attire." I like this combination quite a bit because it's based on simple and classic work-type things; a shirt with a collar and black pants. It's just that in this case, the black pants are tight fitting faux-leather moto pants, and the shirt is a high-low hem sheer number. Because of this sheer and tight leggings base, I wanted to play off the skin-tight proportions with a voluminous vest. The vest looked great over the outfit, but the palette was all too black and white for the Americana-looking vest. (Pendelton, anyone?), so in came the other classic American item: the jean jacket.

Suddenly I was dressed for work on one of the chilliest days, wearing what I consider to be the comfiest outfit ever (it's basically a shirt and leggings, after all). When dressing down elements I want to counterbalance that weight and make my jewelry more...precious. So I am chose to wear this creative work outfit with my Repossi Berbere ring , super fine gold Kathleen Whitaker bar and chain earrings (my faves), and a vintage Rolex from my mom, which is so dear to me.

J.CREW jean jacket | CUYANA alpaca vest | ALEXANDER WANG shirt ZARA faux-leather pants and bag | REPOSSI berbere ring | BARNEYS boots | KATHLEEN WHITAKER earrings


  1. Beautiful outfit! I think I would have chosen a laid-back blazer for the office instead of the jean jacket, but the look is great. No surprise Refinery29 snapped your picture. :-)

    Friederike for Project Style

    1. I guess I was feeling ultra creative that day ;)

  2. I love when shirt + leggings magically turn into a cute outfit. I love this!

    Leopard and Lavender

  3. I saw the article and found your blog from that! You did an amazing job styling this up! Effortless and cool.

    <3 Sandy Warhol

  4. You look gorge darling! PS love your bag ;)