All I See is Dollar Signs

I am fully into house mode lately and the best part about it is that I am finding new inspirations for my wardrobe just by looking at the composition, architecture and styling of a home. I am heavy into clean lines and monochrome palettes, but the occasional girlish bow and detail is also welcome. It shouldn't come to any surprise that being heavy into clean lines and monochrome would not lead to adoring Céline. I have a renewed appreciation for the design restraint in the collections (these ridiculous shoes aside) I'm contemplating those Céline sandals for spring, but cannot get over how absolutely tight and unwearable that toe-strap is. You would think that for $850 the design of the shoe would be at least walkable. Sure, "a cobbler can fix that" the shoe lady with dollar signs for eyes assures me, but my friend's quizzical eye reaffirms what I already know: "Gurl, no." For close to $1,000 after tax these shoes have to at least achieve their basic function and that is be capable of providing me with a walking platform, because after all, they are just a pair of God damn shoes. Narrow footed women, congratulations. Go out at get them if you have the means. They truly are beautiful and would be super wearable...forever.

Turn up the bass with this song. Trust me.

PS. Seriously, these shoes? Christopher Kane tried it and also failed.

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