Pink, Plum, Plaid

Wearing: Miu Miu glitter sunglasses, Ben Sherman men's top, Vintage Rolex, Alexis Russell rough diamond studs (courtesy of Alexis Russell), All Saints quilted leather jacket, Kate Spade tote, Revlon Colorstay nail polish in Sangria, Chanel #18 plum lipstick

What an interesting turn my wardrobe has taken on weekends, laying to rest the 100% girly fare for a more 50/50, masculine-feminine split. I took this shot on a trip to North Beach this weekend, on a particularly bipolar weather weekend packed with clouds, tourists, America's Cup, and a healthy dose of walking (good luck getting a cab). This top taken from the boys (literally, from the men's section at Ben Sherman), a rugged All Saints moto jacket, and the rest of the look is an edgy mix of girly pink and plum picks. Especially loving anything Revlon Colorstay these days. I'm not huge on manicures, since I am notorious for wrecking the polished finish within mere minutes. Sure $8 for drugstore nail polish seems steep, but when it holds up as well (if not better) than the department store $20 competitors, then it's a real steal. Sangria is the perfect Kiera Knightley-plum right now, (yes that is a "thing") particularly when it's paired with my favorite Chanel plum lipstick.

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