Each and Every Look From The Much Anticipated Lanvin for H&M Collection (+VIDEO)

Last night, the video for Lanvin's H&M collection, featuring the full looks, was available and all fashion-eyes were glued to their monitors to catch a glimpse of what they will be fighting over when it hits stores November 20th.

One of my favorite looks was a satiney looking dress that is reminiscent of the Fall 2010 draped mini dresses Alber Elbaz created.

It seems to have a cinched waist of a different material, and a hard-to-miss voluminous shoulder bow. This is the little black Lanvin dress that I can see myself wearing to countless outtings.

Among the dark and solid frocks, were these absolutely stunning floral ruffle dresses, ranging from strapless, to one-shouldered with the signature draping and volume. The screen shot did not capture the ribbon tied pumps, but the video sure does feature a plethora of leopard print, solid color, and gold-tone heeled pumps, each with a satin ankle tie.


Of all the things I will run to first it probably will be this ruby dress with the convertible ruffle band at the top.

It reminds me of the ruffled dress Natalia Vodianova wore for Stella McCartney Spring 2010 runway, but with a more flattering fit.

This yellow one is one is on the same boat as the ruby dress, and probably has more working for it (read: more wearable by more people) given that the cinched waist will flatter mostly everyone.


Perhaps my hands-down favorite of the video was this tulle black dress that was an instant memory recall to the 2007 Lanvin Collection dress of a similar shape.

I absolutely loved it on Kate Bosworth and I will love it on my body. Most of all, that candy red ornate necklace with the romantic satin tie is a great pop of color.

The cinched waist is a plus since not everyone can run around wearing such a beautiful (but shapeless) dress and look like Kate Bosworth.

The collection is available November 20th in the US and Canada, and November 23 everywhere else.

With so many items being gushed about people better come prepared to fight, because this is going to get ugly.



(images lanvin for h&m video, google images)

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  1. I think I want the pink dress she puts on at the very end. Yes! Yes. Will this stuff really be in our lowly little SF stores on 11/23? I feel doubtful. Too pretty for us. -Leanne