Cropped pants in a field where (wait for it) crops are grown. Mind blowing. Alas I am not that clever, for I just realized the confluence of both crops now as I type this. This outfit is fast becoming one of my new favorites because I realize that cropped pants are most flattering to my 5'3" frame. I wore this on a weekend trip up north towards Sacramento. There was a lovely fog over the everything and getting out of the car to pout by the side of the road proved too tempting to pass up.

MANSUR GAVRIEL mini bucket bag 
EVERLANE loafers (run very narrow, size up 1/2 up)


  1. New follower here I found your blog by googling those tan Celine buckle sandals and later again when googling that oh so perfect mansur gavriel bag really love your style!
    I was hoping you could help since those long lusted dream of mine Celine sandals surfaced to my reach and even though you don't have them anymore do you remember if they were true to size? I would be so gratefull if you can help I'm having such a big debate in my head if I'm actually crazy I really don't need a new pair of shoes but these man I love them :)

    1. Hey Lia!
      In general I think Céline runs a bit small for me. I size 8 worked for me because I prefer sandals to be a bit bigger than my size 7-7.5 foot. This way the foot doesn't slide over the edges and such.

      Hope that helps :)