Andy Dufresne

MSGM jacket (IT 40)
MANSUR GAVRIEL mini bucket bag
AG JEANS denim (26)
TARGET long sleeve tee (Medium)

These photos were taken by my super talented mama while I was in LA over the holiday break. Just know this fact please, because taking photos for a fashion blog is kind of a pain sometimes and I never tire of bragging about the talented friends and family who take the time and effort to take my picture (I love you). So this outfit is the epitome of what I wear when I'm at home in LA with family and my brothers (and the kitties in my mom's house). The rules are pretty simple: a) wear comfortable jeans (preferably already ripped lest the cats rip them for you), b) an anonymous top, like this one from Target (the long sleeve tissue tops are my favorite ever and if you doubt my choice to wear a $9 tee then I feel bad for you),  c) and a statement bag/jacket. This formula is the ultimate lazy girl LA outfit, trust me. I grew up here, and LA is where surface appearances are everything. No one really bothers to know you past the surface most times, so why put so much time and money into every single piece of clothing you own? This theory extends to the workplace outfit too because not everything you wear has to be expensive or designer. Even if you're only out to make a good impression, if the surface level items in your outfit hold the most "appeal" then in my experience no one will really bother to investigate the sources of rest. It can be as easy as a nicely tailored blazer made out of quality materials over a junky t-shirt, or a compliment-worthy bag paired with a decent and neutral shift dress.

It's like that time Andy Dufrense broke out of the Shawshank Prison in the warden's shiny shoes without anyone noticing. Same thing, people.

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