Dressing Up Leather Overalls Means You'll Only Ever Break Even

As excited as I was to try out this dubious fashion trend, I was pretty worried about looking like a welder with no matter what I tried to accessorize the overalls with. Should I wear sneakers like Stop It Right Now? No way. I'm just not that cool to pull it off. Ok, so what about heels? Safe advice from my friend Julia meant choosing a pair that were really light, almost invisible, because the added height is a big plus with these overalls. You see, the crop on this pair of leather overalls is pretty skaterific, hitting in the biggest part of my calf, almost like culottes. For the top, it's probably best to keep it buttoned up or super simple. Even with all of these considerations, that gets you about halfway dressed. It turns out that no matter what you try to do to dress up a pair of leather overalls, you're only ever going to break even. These bad boys are so blue collar and dressed down by nature, you have no choice but to pick a side: casual or fancy. Either way you're going to end up at zero. What it really takes to pull these off is a healthy dose of confidence -- "#YOLO" if you will. So screw everything I just said. If this leatherific look strikes your fancy, I fully support you rocking this out in public. In fact, I'll join you.

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  1. I saw these overalls at Zara and fell in love but then walked away, thinking a 5'2 girl like me could never pull them off. But I recall you mentioning somewhere that you also aren't very tall, and they look great on you! So I'll have to go back to Zara and try these bad boys on after all.

    On a side note - the overalls are definitely the most adventurous thing I've seen you wear since I started following your blog, and I absolutely love it.