Oh my darlin', Clementine...Or is it Tangerine?

Every now and then I stumble across these pictures above, of gorgeous, minimal applications of a bright bold orange. Not just any orange, but a tart Tangerine hue, that is applied as if it were a plain old black eyeliner. Except it's not. It's much greater than that. The impact is subtle, but incredibly alluring. So on one of my random trips to Sephora I picked up this color by Make Up Forever. It's an ideal hue of Clementine orange that complements my skin tone, without screaming "I was at a rave last night and haven't slept!" The only problem now is that I have yet to master its application. Should I go full cat eye or just highlight the water line? Do I dot the dinner corners of my eye? The possibilities are annoyingly endless. I'm enjoying the practice phase of this beauty look with girlish gusto — with plenty of Bioderma on hand to gently wipe away every mistake.

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