Rill Rill

Who really needs gold and silver when you've got marble? I walked into Social Studies in Berkeley the other weekend and could literally not resist trying on (and dropping! ah! it fell on my shoe, it was all fine!) this amazing Rill Rill marble necklace. I'm really not one to shop at boutiques—I'm more of a browsing window shopper when it comes to little shops—but I felt compelled to buy this necklace the moment I tried it on and looked at it in the mirror.  It is lovely. It's got a nice heft, which is to be expected from the two types of marble, that are constructed so beautifully on  copper and leather fixture. I love how the minimal and classic look of marble contrasts so nicely with the handcrafted feel of the leather and copper straps. It's exactly the unique piece that I look forward to wearing with t-shirts and otherwise plain ensembles.


  1. I know this question is kind of silly and out of place being that this is after all you're personal style blog but I can't help to ask, will you ever showcase your house here on your blog or show more home pics on IG?

    1. Ah, there are never out of place questions :)

      I think I might show my house one of these days. It's definitely a work in progress and a big part of my financial reasoning behind what I do/don't buy. While the topic of home stuff may not be "on brand" being that I mostly talk about fashion and "omg obsessions," but I have been thinking of how to integrate those kind of money decisions into my posts. I think they keep it real in a sense. You know?

      What do you think about it? Would it be kind of odd to have a post every now and then that's more diary like in the sea of fashion posts?

      Thank you for asking, Jane!

    2. I personally would love to see posts about your house but I'm just saying that because I'm a curious George and often wonder if you also approach home purchases/repairs/upgrades with the same reasoning as you do with investment fashion pieces. I've wonder, "is Olga the diy type?", "did Nick ever finished that deck (you posted a pic way back on IG of Nick fixing or making what looks like a deck)?" and lastly, "where does Olga store all those books she reads?"

      Like I said, I'm a curious George...

      What I really like about your blog is that it's not a full blown 'fashion blog' nor an intimate diary. You have such an artistic eye that your tumblr and IG are a collection of artistic and personal inspire posts/photos and this blog is somewhere in between where you get to voice your thoughts or comments. The best of both worlds if you ask me.

      Your blog is the only one that I truly follow for two main reasons: First, I don't have time to get lost in the sea of ridiculously expensive 'fashion blogs' or 'shopping blogs' that lack depth, substance, or context and Second, I like the fact that you're an actual person with an actual job and with actual adult responsibilities like bills or a mortgage payment like me.

      Overall, I love the content you're posting and I see nothing wrong or odd with home postings. At the end of the day, this is your blog, you're the creative director, I say go for it!

    3. You are awesome, Jane. It's nice to get an outsider's perspective on what your take on 12:04 is. I'm so happy you think it's substantial and personal. I'm definitely looking for more blogs that share my perspective and it's interesting to see that readers and commenters (not just on my blog) more often than not seemingly the last voice of reason.

      I see what you mean about the house stuff now. Makes total sense. I guess I was a little shy about sharing my home because it's a never ending project and it never felt "done." You know? I'll definitely start including more of those posts. I mean, why not? I'm not after making people believe I live a perfect life.

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment, Jane!