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I play favorites with my skin care. My face, hands, and décolletage get a disproportionate amount of product love compared to my torso, legs, and feet. It's because the upper parts of my body are the ones that I see the most, and also the parts I expose most readily to the world. So my thought is why not spoil it a bit? Now this is not to say I'm too good for Lubriderm, Cetaphil or other drugstore staples, but I believe the top half of me deserves something a little more special. In this case, special means it must work very well at doing what it promises, smell fantastic or not at all, and is preferably derived from natural sources and processes.

I've been wanting to try something new for the summer to mix up my routine a bit and was lucky enough to be able to work with Pharmaca to find a new addition to my routine. I've been reading a lot about Dr. Hauschka on other blogs like Into The Gloss and decided to give Rose Body Moisturizer a try after the reviews on Pharmaca seemed to be glowing as well. Ever since receiving the bottle I've been applying it on after my shower, mostly on my chest, shoulders and arms while my skin is still a little damp. It helps make my skin soft and smooth, which is impressive because my skin is prone to really annoying dryness. Even though it doesn't smell exclusively of roses the fragrance is lovely and floral, but not overwhelmingly so. I'l probably end up trying some more Dr. Hauschka products, most immediately by upgrading to the Rose Body Oil just in time for the drier winter months. 

Mosey over to Pharmaca if you'd like try Dr. Hauschka or other natural products for your routine. They're having a 20% off sale, FYI!

Dr. Hauschka Rose Body Moisturizer c/o Pharmaca

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