Dressing for the Freakin' Weekend

Ph. Biby Pacheco
Sweet dreams are made of these. And by sweet dreams, I mean weekends. And by these, I mean these pants I found at Target. They are the most comfortable and versatile thing I've picked up at Target for $20 since the last 48-pack of toilet paper. It goes to show that you don't have to be a snob about everything all the time. Brand names this, designer label that. That mentality is silly, especially when you realize that the moment you purchase a piece of clothing it immediately decreases in "value" by about 75%. Don't believe me? Try reselling your wardrobe anywhere (The Real Real, eBay, Crossroads, etc.). You will get pennies on the dollar and you will be left feeling sheepish for making such impulsive decisions in the first place. I spend the major monies on accessories, like the Tibi mules in the photos, and then balance out the rest of the outfit with things already in my closet and cheaper seasonal finds. This way, I get to occasionally indulge in the designer items, but not entirely break the bank satiating my desire for something "of the moment." 

TIBI mules (Runs small) (similar), CONVERSE ONE STAR pants (Medium), ZARA jacket (old), ZARA faux leather top (Medium), THIERRY LASRY sunglasses, FASHIONOLOGIE ear cuff

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