What to Wear to a Client Meeting

There are some days where it's very possible that I may spend my entire day running around like a chicken for a client presentation. Those are times where a) I have to look über-presentable, b) feel very confident and comfortable, c) not fuck it up. And chances are if the stakes for a client presentation are that high, the chances are equally great that the entire team will have stayed up the night before (college style!) making last minute edits and having run throughs. So basically you'll be dead tired
This is an outfit for those times, my business-oriented and fashion-loving friends. All black, a little fashion forward, and above all, very comfortable. While I normally would never wear a crop top to work, this one has enough volume to be an interesting counterpoint to the otherwise standard slacks and shirt business combination. The slacks in question here are actually trousers. Theory trousers to be exact that were purchased about 6 years ago in one of my rare full-price plunges ($365 at the time, ah!). I had my doubts because they were so...masculine (they have pleats, and they taper, both very tricky things when your hips are big), but they are actually draped so perfectly that they manage to slim down my hips. That is fashion magic, which justified the price back then, if I had a time machine I'd fly back to 6 years ago when I was contemplating these pants/trousers/magical-leg-sleeves and would have said to my silly self, "You're ass looks great in these. And Theory stops making theses pants in the future. Get two."
Can we talk about the trench coat now? I've never once thought that I'd be advocating a silk trench coat as an adult person. But here I am swearing to you it's the greatest jacket for spring despite the comparisons you'll get to Dick Tracy or Trinity from the Matrix. Those are compliments, so take them as such! As evidenced by my Insta-vid, it has classic construction, but in a fabric that is so flowing it translates as effortless on your body.
Finally, the Tibi shoes: the show-stoppers. They look like a sky high mule, but in fact are walkable like a wedge because of that black band around the heel. (Note: If you manage to find a pair, I implore you to size up!) 

ZARA trench (Medium)  |  ZARA crop top (large) |  TARGET tank top (size M) |  THEORY trousers (similar here) | TIBI mules (similar here) (size 38)  | FASHIONOLOGY ear cuff

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