Moodboard: Faith vs. Worry

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I'm going to tell you a secret. It's not really a secret, but it's just something that many people don't know about me. I'm scared of flying. Not in the literal bird sense, but in the thousands of pounds of metal machinery that uses physics and things like lift to fly across the globe — that kind of flying. It's got to do with the whole premise of letting go all control; You aren't the driver, you're a passenger, and every bit of turbulence is a reminder of that. I'm flying to the Dominican Republic at the end of this week, and the first leg of that is on my own to New York, which I've done many times before. But every single time I'm taking off I tell people I love them because you just never know. (Yikes. See what I mean? Anxiety.)
So this mood board is for me today, because the quote about there only being so much room in your brain to occupy both faith and worry is so freaking appropriate right now. 


  1. Olga don't worry everything will be okay, ten fe en dios, ten fe en tu novio/fiance, en tu familia, en ti! Ten fe en ti Olga! Vas a estar bien Olga..

    your sneaker stalker