Colorado Diary

 Am I aware that Paris Fashion Week just had a "major moment" in which Karl Lagarfeld decided to have a supermarket runway show built, complete with stocks of dummy food stuffs with Chanel labels? Yes. But I don't live in that alternate universe of opulence, and chances are neither do you. That's why you'll indulge me while I give you a visual recap of my recent trip to Colorado. People who know me know that I did not grow up around "nature" and "snow" or "outdoors stuff," so it's all the more important that I document it here. I think it's good to balance out the obsessions with this or that with realness. 

The outdoor neophyte that I am and the massive consumer in me provided a solid packing challenge: what the heck do I even wear? Instead of buying Isabel Marant coats and fancy boots I moseyed over to REI with Nick and stocked up on layers and layers of down and fleece to protect my silly city girl skin from the freezing temperatures. "It's not a fashion show," Nick said, and as annoying as it is to admit, he was right. It was so cold and beautiful that all that mattered was that I was with people I loved to spend time with. 

I went away thinking I'd miss my computer while I was gone, but the only thing I regretted was not making this trip longer. My hosts Ben and Amy were wonderful at showing Nick and me the best spots to eat, hike, play, and ski (my first time!). I spent my days chatting it up with friends, making plans for future trips, and made little-to-no use of my makeup. It was an eye-opener. I don't need so many things to be happy.

 I highly suggest getting away from it all every once in a while, if only to realize that a life of clothes and things will only make you so happy. Get out there! Talk to people! Get dirty! The fast-paced fashion mentality of "The Only 100 Pairs of Shoes You'll Ever Need" will be here when you get back, and chances are you'll have a brand new grounded perspective on it all.

Photos via my VSCO / Instagram 

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  1. here here! i loved the snow on the east coast, and i loved wearing big puffy jackets. beautiful stuff as always, love.