Who knew 2014 would start off as the year for t-shirts? I'm partial to simple lettered t-shirts that imply some sort of irony — and inside joke from me to me, if you will. In this case "cheerleader" strikes me as pretty humorous since I was never part of the beautiful clique cheering for the football team. I wore a different pleated skirt in high school, that of tennis team captain. And for a little while in that pleated skirt I felt like my own cheerleader. This t-shirt is a physical manifestation of a mantra (of sorts) to be your own champion, otherwise insecurity will eat you up. But it's just a t-shirt, you say. Yes, you are right. But I think this inside joke/mantra is well worth the lasting effects and the $29 I paid for it at, don't you?

 ZARA t-shirt (Medium)  /  AG JEANS  (c/o, size 26)  /  ZARA loafers (size US 8, runs narrow) /  ZARA faux mongolian fur scarf (old)

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