Detail Oriented

You've got to love a laptop bag that doesn't look like a "laptop bag." On most days I carry my Everlane backpack to work, but when I need to be a little more impressive (read: client facing) I need to have something that is both designed and functional. Enter Graceship. They sent me the most amazing laptop bag and my only regret is that it still has to be called a laptop bag just to be able to describe its functionality. It's wonderful and I'm so not a bag person. I'm usually content with my simple $35 Everlane tote, but this has filled the need for a client facing, impression-making business bag. I just want to say thank you to Graceship for showing me there is a more stylish way to carry this metal monstrosity to all my business trips, weekend work sessions, and everything in between. To be honest, I was doubtful at first that this  bag was going to be for me, given the sheer size of the box the bag came in to my office (so big!), but when I opened it I got a true sense for the finish, attention to detail, and functionality. I was truly impressed. 

What does it carry? It easily carries my work issued slave machine (15" Macbook), a couple books, a water bottle, some snacks, a change of shoes, and my makeup dopp kit. It makes me feel fancy when I need to be.

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