Los Angeles

Silvano sunglasses (c/o Silvano) 

Call this an L.A. diary of sorts, but all of my photos from when I visit home come out this way; there's always something a little bit cozy about them, I feel like I look different, and even the animals of the house make a cameo. I love being home so much because of the lack of pressure to perform, whether that means getting all dolled up or impressing people, it's all very "come as you are, PS we love you more than anything." That does a world of difference when I'm getting dressed, because as you can see I am in fact wearing shorts -- something so minor I would probably over-think to death in SF. I thinks it's the self confidence I get being around so much love and familiarity, that looking back at these photos I don't even care I'm wearing top-to-bottom Zara, or that my phone buzzed maybe twice while I was laughing historically with my mom. It's these times I wonder if this is me being adventurous with my clothes knowing I can't really fail, or if this is the real me beaming confidence and displaying so much of my legs. Is this even making any sense? Probably not. I guess what I'm saying is wear whatever you want, and if that means showing off your legs because for one day you feel like they are amazing, go for it. I'll still love you.

Photos by Biby Pacheco and Me


  1. Sounds like you had a great time at home. I haven't been home since December, but hopefully I'll have a chance to go back soon.

    And you have great legs! Don't be afraid to show them off in SF, too.