An Outfit For Sick Times

Photos by Nick Smith

There's a bug going around and I believe I had the pleasure of catching it not once, but twice. The past week and a half has provided me with new challenges of the most basic kind, like: Is it really healthy to be mouth-breathing for this long? Can I resist the nose-clearing effects of Benadryl and take it during the day? (Answer: No). Will I ever be able to have a glass of wine again?

With such pressing questions, getting dressed in the morning falls right to the bottom of my priority list. Maybe that's why I've been into hats so much lately because they make it so easy to get ready in difficult times. In the past week, to get out of the house all I need is my long coat, my boots, and some bed head. But what about the rest of the outfit, you ask? Well, for the record, I'm wearing a t shirt and leggings, but no one would ever know since I never took off my coat in this chilly outing nor did I ever intend to. So does me achieving 50% fabulous and 50% mystery outfit make me lazy or a genus? Well, when you consider that you still can't eat complex foods like apples or toast having a pretty and deceiving outfit like this is is a little a both I think.



  1. Such a great look! I love the mostly black with teal hat! Gorgeous! xo
    Best, M.

  2. I agree that it's both. And hope you feel better soon!

  3. I realize this post is quite old, but could you tell me what brands the bag, boots, and coat are?
    Thank you!

    1. Hey Alaina,

      Sorry for the delay! The bag is Zara (I'm selling it soon on my shop, so keep an eye out), the boots are J. Crew, and the Coat is Ann Taylor from over a decade ago!