Marc Jacobs and his Bad, Bad Girls

Like those vintage Disney cartoons, featuring a black and white Mickey Mouse on a steamboat, this collection seemed like a vintage, down and dirty take on Marc Jacobs' grungy muse. The Marc Jacobs girl for Spring 2013 comes from money, clearly. she wears shiny patent leather Mary Janes, but in a low heel, unlike the other Barbie dolls in her neighborhood trotting around on 5-inch stilts. She wears a strict color palette of black, white and grey, the hair is muted and matted, and piled up high into a sweet side swept low ponytail — which I'm in love with, given my current length of hair. The takeaway is moody, urban, and surprisingly refreshing. I cannot contain my love for the resurgence of the Mary Jane, ever since J. Crew put out their sweet double-strapped take on it. It's the new Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane, which too had a killer update this year.

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