The Karen Walker Effect

Yeah, yeah, the Céline sunglasses are very cool and the"it" item to have, but it's been over done.
Everyone is wearing them. So why not wear something a little different? Still oversized, but a little more fashion forward.

Hands down favorite sunglasses brand: Karen Walker is quirky, completely reinventing the traditional sunglass shapes every season. I own three pairs (so far), two of which happen to be the same freaking frame in two different colors. Why I need the Nummber Ones in both colors? Because they're amazing. 

They are playful, oversized, and super flattering to faces. This is why she gets her own post, because sometimes I just wanted to make an outfit post out of a pair of sunglasses.

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  1. I couldn't agree more i own a pair on number ones myself in crazy tortoise and they are sooo flattering! i have a sunglasses obsession and ever sense i bought these sunglasses i cant stand to where any other pair, love you karen walker!