One of My Favorite Beauty Blogs "Into The Gloss" & My Favorite Product Features So Far: the Nudes
Images via Into The Gloss. Seriously, go to this link and bookmark it.

The recommendations on this blog and the write ups are just amazing. I especially love the following nude items:

1. Dolce & Gabbana Perfection 220 creamy nude nail polish ($20, saks) (read about it) & good luck finding it, honestly. this puppy is sold out online.
2. The not-quite-foundation Dior Pro-Youth Skin Tint ($39, sephora) (read about it)
3. All natural coverage by Koh Gen Do ($50, barneys) (read about it)
4. Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color, if only for it's incredible packaging. ($45, bergdorf goodman) (read about it)


  1. I love the nude gloss and lipstick.

  2. LOVE into the gloss. :)
    hi there!

  3. the nail polish is AWESOME.
    they have in in stock at saks.