H R Pufnstuf

Sometimes you're lucky enough to find an amazing shearling jacket like this on such sale status that you wonder if you're on The Truman Show, and duh you're the star, and everything around you has been fabricated to see what your reaction would be to such a sale find, so you look around to make sure there is no one watching you to confirm this suspicion, but you realize that's incredibly narcissistic — the thought of you the sun to which everything revolves around — plus you're looking like a a real potential shoplifter with your shifty paranoid eyes so you decide to play it cool and nonchalantly look over the details of the jacket instead, when really all you're trying to do is confirm that the price of said jacket is in fact the 80% markdown it is. (Trust me, a run on sentence was the only way to convey the frenetic nature, the excitement, fear and commitment upon finding this jacket.)

BARNEYS NEW YORK shearling jacket
CELINE sunglasses
COS top

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