A Minimalist Statement

If it's the weekend, chances are I'm wearing something like this. As much as I like getting dressed up I save that struggle for the weekdays when I actually show up to the office and the potential of seeing clients is high. The weekends are a different story; I am running for groceries, cleaning my house for hours, and popping in and out of the house for recycling center runs and generally doing things normal people do. The tricky thing is I don't want to look like I've completely given up, outfit-wise. This is why I go for two main themes: comfort and cleverness for any given top or bottom article of clothing. Take this top, for example. It's not only comfortable, but it's crisp and has a peculiar little vent detail that gives the illusion of a cropped shirt layered underneath the white one, and when the wind blows the back layer flows much like a trench coat vent would. It's a minimalist statement that I enjoy and makes me feel dressy without all the fuss of actually being dressy.

J BRAND leather leggings (26, runs large)
CELINE sunglasses
VANS shoes (7US)
J.CREW jacket (old, XS, runs large)

PS: In the editing process for this post I realized I should definitely smile more — or even smize. Just know that I know that you know I look like a major grump in most of these. If I had a time machine to retake all of these with a happier face I definitely would! But that remains our mutual wish, friends.