Nick and I are in New Orleans for the weekend celebrating our friends Natalie and Cliff's wedding at the beautiful Race & Religious venue just blocks away from the French Quarter. The weather is unpredictable so I over packed like a crazy woman. One minute it's pouring rain, the next it's a sunny 75 degrees with humidity. This unpredictability means I've pretty much relied on black-on-black favorites in various layers and incredibly walkable shoes (I can't stress that point enough).  Hide your heels, sneakers and weather proof boots are pretty much your best friend here. 


  1. This wallpaper pattern is fantastic. Totally makes me think of an old saloon in the deep south. I would decorate my room in this! I hear New Orleans has fantastic food, it's on my list to visit. Hope you're enjoying :)
    Champagne for Everyday

    1. New Orleans was wallpaper heaven. Heaven, I tell you!