Marley and Me: DylanLex

DYLANLEX Marley necklaceMADEWELL leather jacket (Medium), EVERLANE x LANGLEY tank (Medium), MADEWELL shorts (size 28), RAYBAN wayfarers

My closet is like plate tectonics: it's a slow moving animal, and it's shifting slowly into a more minimal territory than I ever thought before. But the tricky thing with a minimal closet is how quickly it can all seem so... boring. True, the occasional plain outfit can make you feel like you're as clean as a whistle, like you've gone successfully into accessory detox land, only to come back with a full-force need for something extravagant. Opulence. And you don't has it. That's kind of where I'm at. I've stripped down to cool basics and realized I wanted the Marley necklace. Problem was it is $550 bucks. Yikes, friends. Very steep. So I took actionable steps: I sold my Céline shoes (to an adorable San Franciscan, I might add!), and used that money to buy this necklace. I still felt frivolous, but I felt financially responsible with this recent purchase, knowing that I'm introducing one extravagant purchase only after letting go of another.

I'm selling stuff all the time, people. Shop it all here. Don't like the prices you see? Email me with an offer.

PS: Consider part 2 of this post because I feel like DYLANLEX deserves a post of its own.

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