Holiday Party Dress Down

My philosophy for getting ready for this year's holiday party was simple: be comfortable, but dressy, and make it super simple. That was the ideal plan until reality hit: fast forward to the craziness that is the month of December, where I'm working 80 hours on a couple pitches and I find myself the day of the party sans dress. I take my lunch hour and run to the only place I know will have anything a) minimal, b) of the moment c) decently affordable; Zara on Post St. After 30 minutes of hauling ass around the store and pulling dresses the fitting room I find myself with this halter mini. At first I thought it was not my style — too ostentatious, I thought — but like most things, you never know until you try. So try it on I did, and like it much I also did. The thing I loved most about it is how much it seemed like an easy dress. I wore the dress with confidence enough to pair it with my favorite pair of flats at the moment — what I wore to the office that morning, if we're being honest— and to dress it up I put a tuxedo blazer over it and hung it over my shoulders, boyfriend-style.  My favorite Kathleen Whitaker earrings, were already on my ears, so I touched up my makeup and headed out of my office just in time to enjoy the open bar.

What I'm trying to say is leave the annoying planning and details aside and you might be surprised with what you end up with on a whim. We tend to over think things all the time, so I plan to just follow the mantra "fuck it, we're doing it live" more often.

(And if you haven't put it together, these photos are clearly not of the night I am talking about. They are more the day after when I had a raging headache, but Nick was sweet enough to pick up the camera and suggest I take a picture of the outfit). 

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