Cat Eyes, Ruby Woo, and Ear Piercings

I'm taking a dose of my own blog medicine and practicing the proclamation that "Multiple piercings are the new arm party." While I'm patiently debating on getting more piercings done, as it seems like the only financially reasonably way to get the Repossi Berber look, I still can't decide if this is a fad for me or if this is truly something to give into. 

The 6 piercings on my ears were done against my will — a true testament to a Mexican upbringing, in which my aunt whisked me away when I was baby-months old in Guadalajara and did my mom the favor of getting them done on my ears on her behalf. Needless to say, my mom had other plans and was pretty angry her baby-young daughter's ears were now Swiss cheese. To this day they are a reminder of my outsider status and I look at them remembering where and how I grew up. In high school, I always wondered why no one else besides the latino kids had their ears pierced and even felt a little bit embarrassed when I compared my bejeweled self to the pristine, no-jewelry ways of my American peers. I was told by my friends that they had to literally beg their mother for a piercing only for the promise of one being allowed when she turned 16. Yikes. Add  to that about a dozen gold bangles I was into wearing as a child (because my mom wore them and I wanted to be just like her) and you've got yourself a little kid with a strong point of view on jewelry. 

Today I look at my piercings as something I was almost born with, since I can remember a time when I didn't have them. Having them be such a part of me allows me to occupy some time with coming up with amazing combinations of how to creatively style my ears. Will it be knitting my favorite Kathleen Whitaker earrings through one ear today? Maybe a combination of studs and bars? Maybe I'll be minimal and wear the tiniest Jennifer Meyer mini stud on each? Options, people. I has them.

Thank you for taking my picture, mama!

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