Be Brave: Wear Shiny Sandals and Mirrored Sunglasses Here

I don't think it's my nature to walk in the Financial District of San Francisco with a pair of mirrored sunglasses, despite them looking so cool on other fashion blogs. The truth is, these attention-grabbing lenses, to me, are like a loud accessory, to be treated with care when pairing it with the rest of your outfit. The word "outfit" is pretty nonexistent on the beach, which is why I believe they are so perfect here — everyone is pretty much naked. So why not mirror the beautiful surroundings? No one here cares what you wear and that gives me the confidence to wear things that are normally out of my repertoire. Like the ornate knot Fibi & Clo sandals that shimmer slightly in the light. They are great staple to elevate a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit when I'm at home running to Berkeley Bowl on the weekends, but these really shine here in the Caribbean where the sandal is the national shoe of choice. 

 J. CREW bikini (old), SILVANO sunglasses (c/o), FIBI & CLO sandals (c/o) 


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