Wearing An "XS" Acne Sweater Best Sized and Suited for the Nutty Professor

 ACNE sweater  //  ZARA skirt  //  MIU MIU shoes  //  THIERRY LASRY sunglasses  //  TARGET tights

In Acne's strange world an XS is actually an oversized XXL sweatshirt. It's so large that the sleeves are billowy like a bat and the length allows me to ponder the pant-less ways of yesteryear. It's a great sweater to live in on the weekends, mostly because it provides the freedom to eat and do whatever. If anyone gives you a weird stare you just shrug it off and say "they don't get it." The reality is that no one gets it — not even Nick. He's supportive and only goes so far as to say it's an "interesting" sweater, but I know deep down that means that it's pretty much hideous in his eyes. But who cares? I love it, so I wear it. My point is, that if you're going to order something from Acne, a) don't be surprised when the proportions are different (and by different, I mean enormous), b) wear it loud and proud, and c) own it.  

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  1. Have the same sweatshirt in the floral print!
    I too got the XS when I am a standard Medium... Love it too, I am not sure about the beau though ;)

    Looks great on you!