Holiday Occasion Equation

I like to boil down many things to the lowest common denominator. It's not so much a lazy thing as it is a repetition in what I know works. For example, red lipstick, a festive headband and heidi braids are the bases to a simple holiday occasion equation for me. I believe that if I wear these with pretty much anything else in my closet I'll seem festive enough to sit at any party. Aside from these three things, the rest of the outfit is a slight upgrade to the standard issue jeans and shirt. The skinny pants are wax coated instead of straight-up denim, and instead of a cotton shirt I'm upgrading to a silk one, if only for the nice drape it provides when I've had multiple servings of broccoli and cheese casserole. 

I'm headed up to Northern California for Thanksgiving with Nick's family, but right after that I ain't stickin' around. I'm headed out to Turks and Caicos to celebrate our birthdays (always a week apart), so expect a couple updates from the antithesis of winter. Happy Thanksgiving!

EVERLANE silk shirt   //   AG JEANS   //   THEIRRY LASRY sunglasses  // ZARA flats  //  J.CREW headband (on sale)

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