Dries Van Noten Fall 2013, I Love You, Please Understand Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Let's get one thing straight: Dries Van Noten Fall 2013 was perfection. See for yourself here. The way he masterfully layers sheath skirts over tailored pants is genius. It seems almost crazy, inspired by the way a child would dress when a mother gives her the chance to "wear whatever I want," but it works. It just works. Here's the other thing to get straight: I am a working woman, with a mortgage, and bills. So please, Mr. Van Noten, do not take offense when I take a very CĂ©line-esque Zara shirt, a J. Crew necklace a couple seasons old, and pair it with my favorite Theory trousers in order to achieve a work-appropriate skirt-over-pants scenario that has your trademark all over it.

ZARA  shirt  /  THEORY  pants (similar here)  /  J. CREW  necklace  /  ZARA  shoes  /  THIERRY LASRY  sunglasses  


  1. I love theory anything - those pants are too perfect!!! (just so you know, the link takes you to the jcrew necklace though - dying to know where to find the pants!)

    The Casual Classic

    1. Thank you, lovely!
      The Theory pants are from years ago, but these are the most similar:

      Thank you so much for letting me know about the link — fixed it!



  2. Love the mix of masculine and feminine clothing!