Elevation 5,000 Ft.

VINTAGE LEVI'S  shorts  /  URBAN OUTFITTERS  jacket  /  ZARA  sandals  /  TARGET  tee  /  THIERRY LASRY  sunglasses  /  BEN SHERMAN  belt

What else do you wear when it's over 100 degrees outside, and you're thousands of feet closer to the sun, and your muscles ache from the previous day's hiking and swimming activities, and you're thirsting for some real city-coffee, not whatever Nescafé concoction they've got going on here in the Sierras? You wear this. The anti-outfit, in my opinion; no makeup, no shoes, a super sheer tee, and pants that are about 2 men's sizes bigger than your body. When the view is as beautiful as it is everywhere in the Sierras, you'll see why there's really no point to getting all dolled up around here. I highly recommend a trip like this.

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