I Just Blue Myself

If you think about it, all those times blue jeans have been paired with a sky blue tops were just homages of sorts to Dr./Actor Tobias F√ľnke. Kidding (sort of). All jokes aside, Nick and I took a pit stop in the middle of our road trip one weekend to stretch our legs and let the wind have its way with our hair for a while. The scenery was extraordinarily beautiful, you know, for being on the side of the road and all. This is also the real life test period for the AG Stevie jeans I told you about. I took that fitting room dance I mentioned before and brought it out to the real world. The pre-made holes in my denim expanded slightly, as expected, and all that gyration turned out to be even more useful than expected as Nick pointed his camera to me doing it.

Free People hat,  Zara top,  Miu Miu shoesKaren Walker sunniesAG jeans, vintage Rolex, 

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