Having had no internet for the past couple of days, I bring you the most belated post about a coat that likes to think it's a bathrobe. The coat is very much on trend with its rounded corners, but let me tell you, if you don't dress this up correctly you end up looking like some sort of spiritual healer, especially when you're taking photos on a picturesque trail in your neighborhood. (You can pretty much see what I'm talking about when you look at photos that are more close-up sans the beanie)

The collared shirt seemed necessary for this outfit, although I would have preferred it come with something to distance itself from it's overcoat-robe-ness. Regardless of it's controversial shape, I did find that it lent itself easily to a 90s style of dressing; just add a beanie and some plum lips and you've got the makings of an old school evening with the latest No Doubt CD playing in your Sony WalkMan.  

My favorite part of it, and probably why I jumped into this impulse buy at Zara — as most purchases there are — was the graphic nature of the profile. The clean break between a navy color so black and a stark white appealed to my thirst to tackle a trendy item. If you decide to try to this style of coat, make sure you dress it up a tad as the rounded shoulder has an very slouched effect on the shoulders that demands perfect posture at all times. It can get sloppy real fast.


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  1. Hey, just found out your blog via refinery29. So nice and NEAT! :)