Pajama Party

While I don't particularly like the entire idea of going out with my pajamas on — it conjures up memories of college, or me outside in my oversized pants waiting for a fire department to let me back into my apartment, and other stressful times — I would be more open to it if the quality and overall look was as fantastic as this. The theory goes that if your outfit is casual and overly loungey, you have to make sure to up the ante by accessorizing with more "luxury" things, like fur, velvet, sequins, and silk.  Marc Jacobs did pajamas a great service with his newest collection. He delivered them on a silver platter, decked out with fur and chains and sparkly sequins.

It only seemed fitting to pair such a daringly casual outfit with an equally shiny counterpart. Enter Tabitha Simmons. Her gorgeous shoes for Fall 2013 are the perfect pairing to a borderline Michael Jackson at the courtroom outfit.

Shop the look:
1. MARC JACOBS pajama top, 2. MARC JACOBS  fur Stam, 3. TABITHA SIMMONS F/W 2013 Mary Janes, 4. MARC JACOBS  pants


  1. Hello!
    The shoes are beautiful, where are they from?


    1. Goodness! I posted without the outfit credits.
      Will do that ASAP! Thank you for pointing it out to me. Shoe credits to come ;)

  2. I really love that Marc Jacobs pajama shirt! and I usually am not very attracted to green, but it must be the silky sheen.