The Leather Pants I$$ue

Wearing: Zara coat and leather pants

Photos by Nick Smith

As expected, Zara's leather pants have become the easiest thing to wear in my closet. I throw on a top — preferably something that covers the crotchal area, since these are leggings and not actually leather skinny pants with a front zipper and what not — grab any sort of jacket and literally walk out the door. It's more practical than you think, really. Taking inspiration from the #1 leather pants wearer, in my opinion, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, and you'll see what I'm talking about. They can look really good. The best part is that after waiting for about a year wondering how I will be able to justify such a hefty purchase of said leather pants, I'm proud to say I found a budget friendly alternative to my dream pair; J Brand leather pants with zip detail. After all, they are just pants, right? A coat, maybe, I can see costing north of $900, but pants? No. Not yet. So if you're game to try a starter pair, I recommend these. Shop the Zara pants here.


  1. Love this look! Those are awesome pants! xo
    Best, M.