What I Really Think About This Whole Frumpy Clog Situation

For some crazy reason Karl Lagarfeld thought it was an amazing idea to send down clogs on the Chanel runway last year and now everyone is wearing them like they're not going to make you look like you just took a break from your garden. Or came from Holland. Or are a welder who needs the toe protection from the sparks. Etc.

My thought is if you're going to wear clogs, fake it. Don't wear clogs, wear mules.
(Images: Alexander Wang, Neiman Marcus)

These two shoes, for example, are my two wish lists for "clog" shoes. The much coveted Alexander Wang "Alla" mule was an instant hit last September. It's safe to say that if you're not wait listed at a fine establishment like Barney's, chances are you're not going to find those puppies — word is they get stock March 10 and despite being on said wait list I am considered a "long shot." Anyway, this shoe works fantastically because its got some major foot coverage, like a clog, but it's just so freaking cool with the calf hair in leopard.

Or if you want a more traditional take on the clog the Miu Miu pair to the right is what I'd go with. It's technically not a clog since it's open toe, has a strap at the back, and its mixed satin and leather, but it's got the finishes of a clog with a more refined approach. This shoe is available for pre-order on various sites, but Neiman Marcus has it in the satin/leather combination.

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