A Love Letter to Jil Sander

 This post is a perfect example of what I follow fashion for: inspiration. I was recently blown away by the simplicity of Jil Sander collections, both in a pre-fall and RTW fall 2015 sense. I even made one post about it here but privately I've been mentally pinning these color combinations and simple proportioned outfits to the front of my memory in hopes that I remember to apply some of the concepts to my work wardrobe in the morning. That's exactly how I got to the above outfit. The components of the outfit are nothing new, in fact, they are a mix of deeply discounted super-sale items (the top and the dress) and super old closet wears (the booties). Individually, I've worn these items many times, but after seeing the Jil Sander color blocking I was inspired to put it together differently, and bam, an entire new outfit that felt fresh, now, and new. I'm not trying to say to shop your closet, because dudes, who hasn't told anyone that, but instead I'm trying to make a point that you don't need the exclusive invite to a runway show in New York or Milan to be inspired by fashion in your real life. Us regular folks can still benefit from runway shows by pinning and choosing favorite looks and then emulating parts or all of them in our own way. I think that's the beauty of fashion: that in the deep core, somewhere past the materialistic and irritating surface, it's still a source of inspiration for anyone who appreciates color, composition, and getting dressed in the morning.

J. CREW shirt 

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  1. Stunning look and that retail detail on the collar is priceless!