The Long and the Short of It

Oversized and covered up on the top always buys me more wiggle room to show some skin on the bottom. It's a give and take every time I get dressed, and it takes and editing eye to know just when to stop. The proportion game is also played with pants; second-skin pants look great with silk oversized button ups, but also with tailored prim and proper collars. A low cut top likes a slouchy pant, but can also work with a fitted pencil skirt. See how it's played? Changing one element in an outfit is sometimes all it takes to set the tone. It's this game that drives me nuts in the mornings and excites me about fashion every day. Scouring street style photos for me is largely another opportunity to see who's playing it right, who I don't want to play it like, and who is getting really creative with the rules of the game.

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